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       I look at my watch and realize I'm late for school! Damn it! I ran down the stairs still struggling to fix on my clothes correctly. I ran back upstairs again as soon as I realized I left my precious winter hat. I don't know how to live without that thing. I pasted dad as I went down the stairs again. "Hey Stan, maybe we can go fishing later on, then go for a ride." Huh, this was unusual for my dad to say. "Then maybe we can go to the internet and go on some websites sign up for them and whatnot." Now I'm pissed. "God Damn it, Dad." I said as I continued my morning rush. He's always trying to get me to sign up to facebook, ever since I deleted that wretched account back then all those years ago. I tried to reach the door, but my mom interrupted me by calling out to me. "Hey, sweetie, don't you want some breakfast?" I just scoff annoyingly and say "No thanks, mom. I'm going to be late for school." Then I open the door and leave. I decided to walk to school instead of drive. My minds still occupied and I didn't get much sleep, so I don't want to end up in an accident. What I couldn't understand though was why yesterday affected me so much.

       Before I fell asleep, I noticed not only Butter's comment lingered in my mind, but Kyle's as well. Did I really spend so much time with Wendy to not even know that my best friend in the entire world was bisexual? That meant he likes boys too. When did he also start liking boys? God Damn it, I'm such a fucking pussy. I can't even be a good friend. And Butters, why the hell did he say I was dense. I just about named every boy in South Park. His face looked so angry, so frustrated. That's a rare thing for butters to have. I wonder if I'm just hopeless or stupid. Maybe I'm just both. God Damn it, I'm pathetic. No, stop, don't just put yourself down like that. What happened isn't even a big deal. It can be fixed easily, without hassle. All I have to do is apologize to Kyle for being an asshole and ignoring him, and then apologize to Butters for being unbelievably stupid. I know how I'll make it up to Kyle and Butters. How about if I take a sabbatical from Wendy, maybe that's what I need in the first place. I'll tell her that we just hang out with our friends more often so that they won't feel neglected. Maybe that's why our relationship has dimmed, because we where spending too much time together, we just need space. Yeah, that's it. Then I'll spend more time with Kyle, get some bonding time. Like play video games and hang out, and go to some party or something. Yeah, there's a party that Cartman is throwing since his mom's away (probably being the infamous whore she is). I mean, Cartman's an asshole and fucking annoying, but I do have to admit he throws one hell of a party. And with Butters I'll help him try to hook up with whoever he has fallen for, at all costs. There, things are looking better.

       I look over to where the bus stop is. I see Kyle with his green hat and bright orange jacket, and his winter scarf. Then next to him is Kenny with his parka covering his mouth and about 2/3 of his face as usual, he's apparently mumbling about something to Cartman. I see that fatass leaning over the bus stop with a sly smile, probably jabbering on about some new scheme he always seems to be plotting. Thank God I made it in time before the bus came.

I call out to him and say "What you can't even handle all your weigh that you have to lean at the bus stop, fatass?" He just glares at me, while I grin challengingly, and says
"Shut the fuck up, you son of a bitch! I don't need any bullcrap from a dumb pussy like you."
"So dumb I've managed to clean up your little mess yesterday." He just scoffs and mumbles quietly,
"Whatever, I do what I want." Kenny laughs at Cartman for being owned by my comeback. I glance over at Kyle who's glaring at me, probably from yesterday.

"Look Kyle," I say more quietly so the others continue on with their little argument on whichever is best at whatever. "Sorry about yesterday. If you want, I could talk to Wendy. I was thinking that we could spend more time together, you know, hanging out and being best friends again. How bout it?"
He just stared at me for a while then said shocked, "You're breaking up with Wendy?" The others heard this and they turned to me.
"Huh? No. I was gonna talk to her saying maybe we should pay more attention to our friends then spend so much time together, that's all."
Cartman just stares at me, and then bursts out laughing, "Jesus Christ, you're such a faggot." Then
Kyle shouts at him, "Shut up fatass, at least he has a girlfriend. Who's the fucking faggot now dumbass?" Kenny laughs again, enjoying each time another stupid argument formed.
"Shut up, you fucking Jew whore! At least I'm not hot for guys too!"
"Well who knows, your always going off about me sucking your balls! Maybe you've got the hots for me fatass!" Kenny's laughter roared and he had trouble breathing. I just smile, thinking things are back to normal.
"Damn it you fucking Jew. You've have such a huge ego up your fucking ass."
"Me? An ego? Coming from the most narcissistic, selfish, douche-bag in the world?"
"For your information, I happen to like a fucking girl, so shut you're fucking trap you fucking Jew!!"

       Kyle just stops and stares a him in shock, as do I. Kenny stopped laughing and stares at him as well. "You, the biggest chauvinistic dick in the world, like a girl?" Kyle asks. Blush spreads across Cartman's cheeks and he shouts, "Damn it you fucking Jew, look what you made me say you dickhole!!"

The bus approaches, and the bitchy driver we've had since grade school opens the door and screams at full volume "SHUT UP AND GET IN THE BUS!!!"
Then I say, "Damn it, you're still alive? You're too old to be driving, you bitch."
"I said, 'Damn it, the weather is not looking fine. You should be careful when driving this bus.'"
"Oh, thank you for your concern."

       Then we get up in the bus and take our seats. When I sit down next to Kyle I say softly to him, "That always works, what does she have ear damage or something?" Then he chuckled at my comment and said, "Probably. But hey, you any curious on who Cartman has the crush on?" I shrug, "I don't have time to worry about that fatass, I have to worry about someone else's love life anyways." He just looks at me confused, but before he could say anything, Cartman yelled towards my direction, "I heard that you piece of shit!!" the she-bitch then yells, "QIUET BACK THERE!!" Cartman submissively said "Yes, ma'm."

       That piece of crap's so ugly she could scare anyone into submission. I turn to Cartman and say in a lower-indoors voice, "The party's still on, right?" He smirks and retorts, "Duh, dumbass." I turn to Kyle, "Good, Kyle and I are going." I hear Kyle say, "Huh?" Then I turn to Cartman, "And maybe you can invite your little girlfriend too." I say as I'm smirking maliciously at him. He just glares while blushing and mumbles something incoherent to himself.

Kyle interrupted my teasing by saying, "What do you mean, I'm going too?"
"It's time for us to let loose, Kyle. We're going to have some bonding, and drink and have a blast. It's part of my apology."
A light blush spreads across his cheeks. I figure he blushes because he's glad to have his friend back or something. "Thanks." He says softly, turning his head towards the other direction.
"No problem, dude." I punch his arm, teasingly.
He just smiles and grabs his arm saying, "Ow, dude. That fucking hurts you big football jock." I just smile and chuckle as the bus pulls up in front of the school. Good, now that Kyle's fine, all that's left is tending to Butters.

       I walk over to my locker next to Kyle and Craig. I lift my hand and greet Craig with a "Hey, dude!" He just flips me off with a dull glare. "Bad mood already, huh? Having some kind of problem with your Tweekers?" I tease. He just blushes while giving me a cold glare with another one of his infamous silent 'fuck offs'. I just chuckle and pick up my books for homeroom.
I turn to Kyle and say with a smile, "Come on dude. Let's get to homeroom, and leave this sorry asshole."
"Fuck you, stan." He says slamming his locker.
I just chuckle to Kyle, "He's such a pussy."
He laughs back, "Dude, your always ripping on him with his Tweekers whenever you see him."
"It's become sort of a fun little habit."

       We head to homeroom and sit in our assigned seats. The teacher starts her lecture on something I could care less about. I think of Butters. I have him next for first period, so I should ask if I could help him then. For now, I might as well catch up on my sleep. I lay my head on top of my arms and close my eyes. The next thing I know, I hear Kyle's voice and feel him tugging at my arm. "Come on, Stan. We're going to be late for class, wake up." I open my eyes and see him with a worried expression. Cute. Huh? Wait, what? Okay… that was odd. Oh, well. I just woke up, I'm excused to a little craziness, I guess. I get up and lazily walk out the door.

"You okay, man?"
I yawn, "Yeah, dude. Just didn't get much sleep last night, and my stupid dad dept bugging me for mint chocolate or something."
"I don't know, dude."
"Okay, well see at lunch, dude." I wave bye and just continue walking.

       I go into my English class and lung myself at the chair like it's the first type of bed I have seen in years. "Well, hiya, Stan. Sorry about my little explosion yesterday." I turn, and see Butters sitting next to me.
"No, it's my fault. Sorry for being so stupid." I smile.
"Well, gee, Stan. I-it's okay. You're not stupid, I just wasn't clear enough." He umps his knuckles nervously.
"Doesn't matter, how bout I make it up to you?"
"Huh? What?"
"I'm offering my service. Let me help you hook up with the guy you like, ok?"
He just stares at me with a face I can't quite describe and answers. "Well, gee. Thanks, but I-I don't think he's even gay, or bisexual for that matter." I sigh and put my hand thoughtfully on my chin and grab that same arm with my other hand to keep it in place.
"Well, Butters. It just seems we have to make him gay, don't we."
Now he looked nervous. "Y-you can't do that!!"
"Do what?"
"Force people into that kind of preference." I just smirk at him,
"I have this theory Butters. You know how every guy has had some form of homosexual thought, as well as the same with girls, right?" I kept my voice down not to 'concern' the other students with my odd conversation before class started. Butters nodded. "Well, my theory goes that everyone is somewhat bisexual or homo-dependent in someway. All we have to do is embrace that sort of mentality on your crush." He just stared at me blankly. "What?" I just ask.
"Gee, s-sorry, but I don't think it works that way, Stan."
"Well it's worth a try." I said, not even fully believing my own theory. I mean, sorry any future guys that might happen to romantically be aroused by me, but I don't think (even though every guy has had a homo-sexual thought) that I'd turn gay. Plus, I doubt that the guy Butters like will if he's been dating a girl since grade school, but it's worth a solid try.

        After English is FINALLY over, I continue with my classes until it's FINALLY time for lunch. It's horrifying on how long even the first part of the day is. I make my way towards the table I usually sit in, containing Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman. I see Wendy approach me from the side. "Hey, Stan." I smile brightly at her presence, "Hey, Wendy." She looks to the ground, as if trying to avoid eye contact with me. "Can we talk alone for a moment." Before I was going to agree, I remember the promise I made to Kyle. "Sorry, Wendy, but let's talk later okay. It seems I've been ignoring my friends lately, so I figured I should hang out with them a little more." I told her, yet I was still curious and concerned. "Oh…" she looked rather distressed on the matter. "Um, we can talk later. Come over to my house ok." I say with a concerned smile. She nods, and while walking away I could swear I heard her mumble something like 'It's better I tell him in person anyways.' I just continue walking towards my usual table.

"'Sup, dude."
"'Sup!" Kyle answers back.
"So what the little lady want?" Cartman suddenly asks. Weird. Since when did he give a fuck for whatever someone else said or did, unless it had do with himself or Kyle somehow getting hurt.
"Why the hell does it matter to you, huh fatass?" he just glares at me.
"N-nothing you uncle-fucker, I was just thinking she dumped your sorry ass again." I ignore his comment and sit right next to Kyle.
"Mmmm hhrmm." Kenny mumbled beneath his parka.
"Sure, Ken." Kyle said handing over his bread to Kenny.
"Damn it Khenny, why the hell are you wearing that thing over your fucking mouth again?" Cartman asked grumply.
"Mmmrhmm, mmhhrrmmmmm."
"Shut up, Khenny! I don't curse every fucking second, damn it." Kenny just laughs, while Cartman gets even more pissed off.

       After lunch, and even after my classes, I decided to walk home with Kyle and Kenny. Cartman had detention, so he couldn't join. "So Stan, weren't you going talk to Wendy?" I hear Kyle ask me. "Sure, but she's coming over to my house later to tell me whatever she wants to tell me." I hear Kenny whistle and see his eyes full of suspicious mischief. I glare at him, "God damn it Kenny, is that all you can think about?" I say pressing my fingers against the bridge of my nose. He just giggles that perverted laugh. "Well later, dude. My house is here." I call out to them as I wave goodbye. They wave back, Kyle while smiling pleasantly, and Kenny while mumbling something along the lines of 'Have fun tonight'. God damn that Kenny, he's going to grow old to be one of those creepy pedophiles luring in random kids and selling them for sex while keeping them contained in his basement. I wouldn't be surprised hearing that on the news when I'm forty-five. I step into my house when I spot Wendy already in my living room having tea with my mom. She looks up at me and I see a bit of pain across her eyes. I get a little worried as I ask, "Hi Wendy, what are you doing here so early?" "Just waiting for you, Stan." She answers. "Do you two want to go up to your room?" I hear my mom asking with a concerned voice. Jesus, what's going on? Did someone die or something? "S-sure." I say. I climb upstairs as I feel Wendy follow behind me. When we reach our room she closes the door behind us. She's looking down at the floor. "What is it? Your acting like someone died or something?" she just continues to stare at the floor without answering me, as if trying to find the right words for whatever she's about to say. I sat at the corner of my bed, "Hey, why do you look so sa…." I start off saying until she cuts me off with a reply of her own. "I want to break up." I just stare at her as she continues. "This time, for absolute good. No more hooking up and breaking up, over and over. We're through, permanent." I just keep staring for a long time, until I decide to break the silence.

"Any reason why?"
"First I've been feeling different, like being with you was more of a habit, rather than a pleasure, or something to look forward to. But it started to get much worse. Kissing you became an annoyance, rather than habit. It went until the point of disgust." She looks up at me with teary eyes. "That's never happened before. Even your smell makes me sick to my stomach." I just stared at her with a wide-eyed expression. More shocked than anything. "At first I didn't get it, and figured that maybe I was pregnant or something."
Then I found myself stand up on my feet and stared at her with the same expression. "Pregnant!?!"
Shit, shit, shit, shit!!! I rapidly repeat in my head.
"I took the test, and checked with a doctor, and I'm not." I found myself breathing again. Did I stop breathing? Before I can answer myself, she continued on, "It wasn't anything like that. In fact, I realized I fell for another, old crush."
"Token?" I ask. She just shook her head back and forth.
"It's so much worse!" She said, almost terrified with herself. She looked up at me with tears running down her face. "It's Cartman."
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:iconwendyplz::iconsaysplz::iconsadplz: Why'd you make me like Cartman?
me:iconsaysplz:'Cause I like Candy.....
:iconericcartmanplz::iconsaysplz:I like Candy too....
me:iconsaysplz:I didn't mean the edible candy.....
:iconpervycartmanplz::iconsaysplz::iconpervplz:I know.

I'm surprised that in all the south park fan fictions and comics that I have read, no one mentions the bitchy bus driver........

South Park and the characters belong to the original creators
Storyline belongs to me
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